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Merlin Wonders

Merlin Wonders offers the rally competitor and spectator packages to events and supports the independent travel we are based in the Bridgend County Borough, South Wales.


Who was Merlin

Merlin Myrddin the magician was born in the West Wales town of Carmarthen Caerfyddin and the name of the town is said to come from his name.

For many years travellers passed by the Carmarthen Oak Yr Hen Ddderwen - The Old Oak. 

The prophesy stated ‘When Priory’s Oak shall tumble down, then so will fall Carmarthen Town’ which led to the oak being shored up with concrete and bands of steel when the tree died in the 19th century. Sad to say, the needs of the motor car saw the tree’s final removal in the 1970s, although the town survived !   A branch of tree remains in Carmarthen Museum.   Other legends and prophesies abound and were eagerly exploited by the townsfolk, including an old widow who showed Merlin’s apparent abode in Priory Street to tourists in the early 19th century. Three miles east of the town stands Merlin’s Hill, which contains the remains of a large Iron Age hill fort. There is a magnificent view from its summit.

Merlin's Hill



Merlin and King Arthur

Arthur was the eldest son of King Uther Pendragon and heir to the throne.  Merlin was Arthur's adviser. Under the guidance of Merlin Arthur obtained a magical sword from the Lady of the Lake.  The sword was called Excalibur.


It is said that if Wales is in great danger Arthur and Merlin will rise from dead and save her





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The Old Oak


Merlins Crystal Ball